Case Study

HotSpring Spas

We're helping Watkins Manufacturing, makers of the HotSpring Spa brand with digital engagement

HotSpring Spas are the number 1 selling brand of portable hot tubs in the world.

When it comes to premium hot tubs, HotSpring is the brand that stands at the pinnacle of excellence for innovation and engineering. These spas are designed with the consumer’s health in mind. DesignStudio started work with HotSpring with a unique challenge ahead.

Picking Up The Pieces

HotSpring’s website had been built by a large marketing agency. The agency designated itself a gatekeeper and would not give website access to HotSpring. This meant that any change, revision, or addition to the website had to go through the agency first. This cost time and money, as the agency charged top dollar for these interactions. The agency became more and more difficult to work with, and continued to deny HotSpring access to their own website servers.

Our Work

Enter DesignStudio. HotSpring came to us looking for change – a change to their website and a change to how business was conducted when it came to that website. We put our creatives to work and their task was a unique one – they needed to work with what the first agency had created. This meant building something new while incorporating that which already existed.

First, our team redesigned HotSpring’s blog. After the blog, we moved on to rebuild their site’s “Learning Center” (i.e., where spa owners go for information about their hot tubs) and the FAQ section. Our design team also recreated several interior pages of HotSpring’s website.

HotSpring Spas remains a client, and our design team is committed to the continued maintenance and improvement of their website.

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