Since 2009, we have had the distinct privilege of providing creative help and digital support services for one of the most widely recognized brands on planet Earth.

The American Red Cross is known for helping to save lives. We help the Red Cross save money.

A client for almost 10 years, the American Red Cross gave us one of our biggest challenges in 2011 – to consolidate over 600 localized chapter websites into one flagship site on their primary domain, This project also brought with it multiple vendors, hundreds of collaborators and a discerning steering committee at Red Cross headquarters in Washington DC.

In late 2012, after the website launched, it was put to the test almost immediately. Hurricane Sandy hit just a few months later… The website played a huge role in recruiting volunteers, disseminating shelter information and raising millions to help those affected. From the moment we knew the storm was coming and for many months after, DesignStudio played a support role with timely graphics prep and content publishing.

We continue our relationship as a digital vendor for the American Red Cross to this very day. We hope you will help us to support the social good they are doing.

How do you help hundreds of local Red Cross chapters to get their content into one flagship website?

When the new flagship website launched, there was a challenge with supporting the content publishing needs of the hundreds of local Red Cross chapters all around the country. Since we had helped with so much of the content publishing work to launch the site, DesignStudio was in a uniquely favorable position to help with this challenge.

We assigned a 3-person team to act as a dedicated support desk for anything that was needed to get content into the website quickly, accurately and looking the best it can.  We helped with graphics work, content publishing, content formatting, wordsmithing copy, following up on missing assets and much more.

We continue to provide this same support team (with the original members) to this very day.

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