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Thomas Arthur

Project Manager @ DesignStudio

San Diego CA


I never intended to enter the digital space until I graduated and got a taste of “reality.” The biotech industry is where I got my first start and I quickly learned how many barriers were in place for progress whether it was professionally or in the industry itself.

I took an opportunity to get involved in the booming mobile app industry in South Korea and worked in a few startups leading product development and was able to quickly take charge of my professional career by being able to learn and experiment rapidly. Something I had hoped to have done as a chemist. It was exciting to be a part of a rapidly developing industry with nearly endless opportunities and I soon picked up many skills in the digital space spanning from project management, marketing and leadership.

Eventually, I new that I had to grow and experience more than just startups. I was fortunate enough to work with the Australian government on an international marketing initiative and helped them build digital learning courses that launched in 19 markets and in 13 different languages. The next opportunity I took led me to managing a production team for an online delivery platform with over 3000 vendors.

Today I lead website and marketing projects at DesignStudio and continue to learn and explore in a boundless industry.



Photo editing
Landscape photography
Night photography
Photoshop automation


Video Editing

Web Design


Project Management

Integration Management
Risk Management
Cost Management


UC San Diego

UC San Diego

Pharmacological Chemistry, B.S.

Minor in Computer Science



I am currently available for:

  • Small Quick Tasks Only
  • Small Side Projects

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